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How to make a dodecahedron

Wooden Dodecahedron Tool List

| Shane Dennehey

Here is the tool and supply list for the Wooden Dodecahedron DIY Plans.

Use this list to ensure you're equipped with all of the right stuff to take on this project before you buy the plans. 


Power Tools

  • Countersink Helps to set your flat-head screws flush.
  • Drill Cordless is nice. This one is a great value. 
  • Drill bit, ⅛ inch A metal drill index is a valuable addition to your arsenal. This one is compact, sturdy, and it can be used to gauge what size hole is needed for any screw by removing the bit and inserting the screw in the opening.
  • Drill bit, self-centering | #10 To pre-drill holes for the jig.
  • Phillips screw tip For the jig.
  • Table saw I don't own a SawStop, but I highly recommend them! 

Hand Tools

    • Automotive wax To lubricate the sled jig.
    • Brads, ½ inch long. For the jig.
    • Mineral oil Walrus Oil is my favorite finish.
    • Pan head screws, 1 ½ inch long, #10 (4). To attach the toggle clamp.
    • Plywood, ½ inch thick. For the jig.
    • Shop rags These make cleanup easier.
    • Water bowl Keep it close during glue-up.
    • Wood. Walnut works great for these.
    • Wood glue Tightbond is my glue of choice.
    • Wood glue bottle The GluBot is an amazing glue dispenser. Its multiple tips give you a lot of control so you can evenly distribute the right amount of glue for the job.
    • Wood Screws, 1 ¼ inch long, #8 (4). For jig building.


    Power Tools

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