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  • Shane Dennehey

    How To Cut Thin Strips on The Table Saw Safely

    Many of you have asked for ways to cut thin strips on the table saw safely, like the 1/4-inch rips needed to make Layered Crosses. I've always relied heavily on push sticks to keep my hands away from the blade, but I recently came across another method that works great when ripping short pieces.I... View Post
  • Shane Dennehey

    Three Woodworking Books You Should Read

    These three books have been educational and have inspired me to stretch myself and elevate my craft in a number of ways. Check them out and hopefully they will grow you in your craft and keep you inspired to create amazing things with wood for years to come. View Post
  • Shane Dennehey

    Created to Create

    In the beginning, we were created in His image. We were made by the ultimate maker—the one who created everything. He made you. You were crafted to be like Him. That means you’re here to create too. There’s no getting around it, we’re all made to make. Some people embrace their creative birthrigh... View Post

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