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How to cut thin strips of wood on a table saw safely

How To Cut Thin Strips on The Table Saw Safely

Many of you have asked for ways to cut thin strips on the table saw safely, like the 1/4-inch rips needed to make Layered Crosses. I've always relied heavily on push sticks to keep my hands away from the blade, but I recently came across another method that works great when ripping short pieces.I...
Making a White & Gold Resin Cross

Making a White & Gold Resin Cross

I made this painted wood and gold-flaked resin cross to fulfill a custom order. It was fun and a little challenging to work with new materials (Ecopoxy resin) and a new variation of the Layered Cross design. I used Ecopoxy Resin mixed with this mica powder pigment and these gold flakes for the g...
DIY Pocket Crosses

Video: Making Pocket Crosses

I've made so many little crosses like these. They make great gifts and they're fun to make! Someday soon I'll make project plans for them—until then you can buy a few here if you like.    These crosses make great use of the smallest of scraps. I made the ones in the video above a few weeks ago a...
Making Charcuterie Boards DIY

Video: Making Charcuterie Boards

  I've been making charcuterie boards from reclaimed Indian Rosewood (Sheesham) for years now. Making boards like this is a rewarding and easy process. It's a great project for beginners because it only takes a few simple tools to get the job done.  I've made many different types of uniquely sha...