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Original Artwork

This collection of art is made and curated by Shane Dennehey. He makes his artwork using reclaimed wood, wabi-sabi techniques, and a lot of heart ❤️ Every original art piece is a one-of-a-kind creation!

  1. Love Hymns Artwork
  2. Whole Heart Artwork
    Sold Out
  3. Never Give Up Artwork
    Sold Out
  4. Love Lives Here Artwork
  5. Love Is...Engraved Hearts Artwork
  6. Ornamental Engraved Hearts Artwork
  7. Ornamental Engraved Heart Outline Artwork
  8. Love Is...Engraved Heart Outline Artwork
  9. Chippy & Sunny Heart Artwork
  10. Heart of Filigree Artwork
    Sold Out
  11. Rainbow Fade Heart Artwork
  12. Seams of Love Original Art
  13. Heart Grid Artwork