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Best Woodworking Books 2019

Three Woodworking Books You Should Read

| Shane Dennehey
These three books have been educational and have inspired me to stretch myself and elevate my craft in a number of ways. Check them out and hopefully they will grow you in your craft and keep you inspired to create amazing things with wood for years to come.
These three books inspired me to stretch myself and elevate my woodworking skills in several ways. Check them out, and hopefully, they will grow you in your craft and keep you motivated to create amazing things with wood for years to come.



This book was a huge help for me many years ago when I was first getting my start into woodworking. It's comprehensive, detailed, and a fantastic overview of the many facets of woodwork. I highly recommend it to anyone just getting started or those who want to expand their knowledge of the craft.



Wow. This book is masterful! Written by master craftsman Michael Pekovich, this book takes you through his insightful philosophy behind woodworking along with a fantastic collection of challenging plans, and tutorials on proper tool use. The book is loaded with beautiful photography and illustration—so much inspiring content!


Heirloom Wood is my latest obsession. I'm not an expert woodcarver, but I'm poised to be one soon! I've carved exactly one spoon. This book, accompanies with excellent, vibrant photos, takes you through the steps needed to learn how to properly and safely carve spoons, spatulas, knives, bowls and charcuterie boards. Max Bainbridge is speaking my love language throughout this book. It's a story of the peace and simplicity of quiet tools and the discipline of working with your hands.


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