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From Keys to Crosses

Posted by Shane Dennehey on

From Keys to Crosses

Earlier in January, I released my sixth set of DIY woodworking plans—the reclaimed piano key cross.

I was inspired to build this cross after a friend gave me her grandmother's piano to salvage the wood. The keys were a gift back to her so she had a keepsake to remind her of that antique piano. I've made several since, and had many requests for a set of DIY plans for them—You can download a set of your own here.

Here's what you'll need to take on the task of building one of your own: 

Power tools

Table saw 

Miter saw

Drill motor

1/8-inch Drill bit

Hand tools

Tape measure


3-6 Spring clamps

6-inch combination square

100-Grit sandpaper


Miter gauge

Safety glasses


2–4 Piano keys

Wood glue

Bucket of water

Rag or washcloth

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