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Piano Key Cross Project Plans

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Piano Key Crosses make a beautiful statement about the transformational nature of God. I make them out of decommissioned keys—these keys have played their last note and have been tossed aside by their previous owners, but through the process laid out in these plans they are reborn. They’re put to a new purpose. Their new task is to remind everyone that lays eyes on them of Christ’s saving love, and that He is the God of second chances. In some ways, the act of re-purposing and reclaiming wood is similar to what God does in our lives.

These plans will teach you how to transform a few used piano keys into a beautiful, meaningful cross.

Plan Details

Experience Level: Beginner

Time Investment: 45 Minutes

These hand-drawn DIY Plans are full of detailed information, step-by-step illustrations, and photos of various finished crosses. I hope you find joy in the process of making Piano Key Crosses of your own!

This 10-page comprehensive plan includes:

  • Tool selection tips
  • How to find and prepare piano keys
  • Detailed illustrations
  • Vivid photography
  • Step-by-step instructions that guide you through the entire project from start to finish

Buy these plans to create beautiful piano key crosses for your home, to sell, or to give away—They are fantastic handmade gifts especially for musicians!