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Pallet Wood Cross Project Plans

Pallet Cross Project Plan Tool & Supply List

| Shane Dennehey

Tool & Supply List

For the Three Pallet Crosses DIY Project Plans



Power Tools

  • Table saw I don't own a SawStop, but I highly recommend it! 
  • Drill Cordless is nice. This one is a great value. 
  • ⅛ Inch drill bit A metal drill index is a valuable addition to your arsenal. This one is compact, sturdy, and it can be used to gauge what size hole is needed for any screw by removing the bit and inserting the screw in the opening.

Hand Tools

  • Tape measure I like this 16' tape measure. It's the perfect size and weight for me.
  • Pencil These are #3 pencils. The harder lead stays sharper longer .
  • Hammer This 28 oz. long handle straight rip claw hammer will help break those pallets down (if you choose to do it the hard way).
  • Crowbar The bigger the better. This beast is 36" long.
  • 6-Inch combination square A compact and versatile tool, I keep a combination square in my apron at all times.
  • Six 12-inch bar clamps These quick grip clamps are fast and easy to use.
  • 100 grit sandpaper 3M Variety pack is the best way to get started.
  • Cabinet scraper These are excellent for scraping dry glue off wooden surfaces.


  • Pallet wood The plans include a guide to finding pallet wood and easily breaking it down.
  • Wood glue Tightbond is my glue of choice.
  • Glue bottle The GluBot is an amazing glue dispenser. Its multiple tips give you a lot of control so you can evenly distribute the right amount of glue for the job.




Power Tools

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