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Woodworkers Guide to Building Crosses

One Size Doesn't Fit All

| Shane Dennehey

Since one size doesn't fit all, my cross plans are now available in nine sizes. Every space is unique, and while the layered cross design is versatile in it's smaller sizes, some rooms just need a bigger cross!


The Small Ones

DIY 9-inch Cross Plans 

This petite sized cross is excellent for smaller spaces. It's also a little easier to make because it doesn't require matching up miter cuts during assembly. 

DIY 20-inch Cross Plans 

Twenty-inches-tall—The original and best-selling size, the twenty-inch cross is perfectly sized for home and office use.

Two-Foot-Tall DIY Wooden Cross Plans

Slightly larger than the original, the two-foot-tall layered cross is an excellent fit in homes and offices.

Three-Foot-Tall DIY Wooden Cross Plans

The three-foot size is excellent for more substantial rooms at home or small gathering spaces at church.


Bigger Crosses

The large cross plans have expanded content and links to quick assembly videos that explain the clamping technique.

Four-Foot-Tall DIY Wooden Cross Plans 

Scaled-up to over twice the size of the original—this cross makes an impressive statement.

Five-Foot-Tall DIY Wooden Cross Plans

At this size, the cross is built entirely out of three-quarter-inch stock, and it looks incredible!

Six-Foot-Tall DIY Wooden Cross Plans

Perfect for large rooms like churches or fellowship halls.

Seven-Foot-Tall DIY Wooden Cross Plans

The seven-foot cross is perfect for large rooms and commercial worship spaces.

Eight-Foot-Tall DIY Wooden Cross Plans

The largest of the bunch, the eight-foot cross is impressive in its size.


Bundle up and Save!

I've bundled my plans together to save you, time and money. If you're like many woodworkers here and you want to build the Layered Cross in more than one size—These bundles are for you!

Small Cross Plan Bundle

Includes downloadable plans for; the 9-inch cross, 15-inch cross, 20-inch cross, 2-foot cross, 3-foot cross, and 4-foot cross—A $41.94 value, for only $19.99—that's over 50% off!

Large Cross Plan Bundle

Large Cross Plan Bundle Includes downloadable plans for; the 3-foot cross, 4-foot cross, 5-foot cross, 6-foot cross, 7-foot cross, and 8-foot cross—A $41.94 value, for only $19.99—over 50% off!

All Sizes Bundle

Includes downloadable plans for all ten Layered Cross plans—A $69.99 value, for only $29.99—A $40.00 savings!

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