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Maker Monday » Bob Nelson

Maker Monday » Bob Nelson

| Shane Dennehey

Bob Nelson

In the midst of this pandemic, Bob caught a different kind of bug; he came down with the desire to make 130 Nine-Inch Layered Crosses! He then gave them away to his entire church family and friends. He included this note with the crosses to explain the symbolism of the cross:

"The purple heart wood stands for Christ's blood that was shed for the forgiveness of our sins. The white maple represents His purity, which was the only suitable sacrifice. The walnut stands for His strength to go up to Golgotha and to be nailed to the cross. The three woods together stand for the Trinity, the Three in One."

Such an inspiring story of generosity!

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  • Posted by Tom Fisher on

    Way to go Bob, beautiful way to spread His Word!

    Tom Fisher
    Covington , LA

  • Posted by Dave Wagner on

    Thank is so beautiful!! I’ve made 9" crosses for all my kids and grandkids. Just finished one for my unsaved friend. Want him to know God loves him. Very nice work, Bob. What a blessing.

  • Posted by Jim Moody on

    Very inspiring Bob. I hope you would take it as a compliment if some of your readers take your example and make these crosses for their friends and family. Your wood you used is perfect, along with the words you used to described them. Most well done!

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