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Maker Monday » Allen Van Zandt

Maker Monday » Allen Van Zandt

| Shane Dennehey

Allen devised a brilliant plan to make kits for the youth group he leads. The kits had everything these twelve young men needed to build three simple crosses; one to keep, one to give away, and one to put in this fall's Youth Craft and Bake sale.  

The kits included the cross parts (Oak and Alder scraps donated by a local molding shop and cut by Allen and a friend), safety glasses, sandpaper, dust masks, and a few other items. 

The boys were so excited to start the project. And every week, they were eager to work on their crosses. Week one was an introduction and gluing the cross pieces together. Weeks two and three were slated to finish them in time for Holy Week, but the pandemic forced them to stop meeting at church, so Allen stained them himself and delivered the crosses to their makers. 

Although they didn't get to complete the project as planned, the young men still had a great time! Most had never worked with their hands on a project of any type, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Now everyone in Allen's group has a cross to keep as a reminder of 1) his craftsmanship, 2) the youth group he was a part of, 3) the sacrifice made for us by Jesus Christ.

Wow, Allen! This is such a cool story! Thank you for all you're doing to lead the next generation!


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