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Resurrection Day

Happy Easter

| Shane Dennehey
Happy Easter, everyone!

Today we celebrate the most significant moment in the history of everything—the day of our redemption!

Unfortunately, this is no ordinary Easter Sunday—the world is different today—it's more distant and quiet than usual. I'm guessing God knew how today would be. I imagine He knew how we'd feel. And I know he's still in control.

I'm encouraged to know that He's doing a new thing for us, something our generation has never seen before. He's still got us, His redeemed people, under His wing. He's giving us space to connect deeply with the people we're closest to. And He's giving us extra time to contemplate our place in this world and how He's leading us. ​

Don't miss this moment. Use this season of solitude as an opportunity to spend more time pursuing what matters—relationships with our family and our savior!


  • Posted by Brent Donald Danielson on

    I give glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He is Risen! Looking forward to seeing Him face to face!

  • Posted by Ritchie Cole on

    He is risen!

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