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DIY Wood Cross Plans

The cross represents the single greatest moment in the history of everything—the day of our redemption. The moment in time when Jesus covered our shame and took the worlds sin upon Himself. The day He gave His life for us.

I designed this cross to serve
as a reminder of what He did.

Creating the Layered Cross was the very beginning of my journey into home decor. 

It was 2001; I was working as a carpenter by day and studying graphic design by night. I made the prototype one afternoon in the shop, and it quickly gained attention from my peers. By the end of that first week I’d received orders for five crosses, soon after that I attended my first craft show and sold more, eventually leading to the launch of this website. Since that day I’ve sold over a thousand of these crosses, with sizes ranging from 4-inches to 12-feet tall. 

It’s been a fun journey, and I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. The Layered Cross is complicated to build, but it only takes a few tools and entry-level woodworking skills. These instructions will provide clear direction so you can make this cross safely, with little hassle, and with stunning results!

I hope you find joy in the process of making a cross of your own! 

Tools & Supplies

Need To Have

NICE To Have

  • Wood (see below)
  • Wood glue
  • Bucket of water
  • Rag or washcloth


The complete downloadable plans are available here.




  • Posted by jon cochran on

    i want to build this cross to be 10’ tall, can specs be changed to make this happen?

  • Posted by Shane Dennehey on

    Hey Jon, Sure, I can scale these plans to any (reasonable) size, 10 feet is easy.

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