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| Shane Dennehey

Last week, I began a new chapter in my life and the life of Dennnehey Design. I decided to step out of my role as a creative leader and step fully into my role as a woodworker.

My career has been an adventure with several twists and turns in the road. First, I stumbled into carpentry. It was just a way to make a paycheck in the early days, but as I learned more and developed some talent, it became a passion and a great way to make a living. I eventually began dabbling in woodworking as a hobby on the side too. But after seven years in the trade, I decided to pursue my dream—a career in the arts.

That decision created a new lane on my career path.

Over the next 20 years, I served in a wide range of roles; I was Creative Director for two of the largest and fastest-growing churches in America. I led a team of designers at an esteemed ad agency in Dallas. And most recently, I served as the Creative and Marketing Director for Seed Company, a Bible Translation Organization.

Being a creative leader in ministry was a fantastic journey with plenty of ups, downs, challenges, deadlines, pitches, and late nights. Creative seshes, marketing meetings, brand audits, leadership classes, TPS reports, and other opportunities for growth abounded.

Then something happened. As orders increased, my side business path began to widen and merge with my career path until I had no longer had margin.
I had to decide which lane to exit—and when the time came, the choice was clear. I needed to go all-in on DDC.

I loved my time in the creative arts field. I worked with so many talented people, learned a lot, did meaningful work, was poured into by many, and the journey equipped me to take on the challenge of growing DDC into a thriving business.

I'm so excited to take things to new heights—To serve you better, deliver quicker, and introduce many new projects and products ASAP.

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  • Posted by Richard Redman on

    Congratulations on your new path. I have made two crosses since purchasing the plans. Plan for more. Love them.

  • Posted by Joan Stirlen on

    God’s blessings on this new decision. Your kit will be my first attempt in woodwork! I love wood and the vibrant energy it exudes. Your kits help us enter the waters with confidence and joy!
    Godspeed !


  • Posted by Web Behrens on

    Good Luck….We will be here to support your journey and continue with the creative skills.

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