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Heartwork Collection #2 ✨ Dipped Hearts

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These wooden hearts were dipped in water and paint droplets to create these wild hydro-dipped patterns in preparation for our 365 Heartworks Cards. Several of these hearts are featured in the pages of the heartwork deck, and now they’re ready to find a new home to enliven!

Hydro Dipped Hearts are handmade with reclaimed wood, sanded, finished with our natural citrus and oil finish, and covered with dazzling swirls of color.

Limited Supply. We only made 55 of these colorful hearts, each item listed is unique!

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• Handmade in Texas 🇺🇸
• Hand-dipped in colorful hues
• Made with reclaimed and remnant wood
• Protected with our natural citrus oil finish

The Hydro Dipped Heart Collection is in stock and ready to ship! 
We only made 55 of these beautiful hearts. When they’re gone, we will be out of stock. Get yours while supplies last!

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