DIY Wood Cross Plans
DIY Wood Cross Plans How to build a wooden cross Sketchup plans for wood cross Diagram for wood cross 9-inch Wooden Cross Plans
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This beautiful cross has been a crowd favorite for years; it requires little wood, is easy to make, and has been a top-selling product for me every year. 

It took me years to perfect this design—
you can build it today!

These easy to follow, do-it-yourself plans tell you everything you need to know to build this smaller, simplified version of my layered cross.

The 9-inch version of the Layered Cross is super easy to build, and it only requires a few tools and entry-level woodworking skills.
These instructions will provide clear direction so you can make this cross safely, with little hassle, and with stunning results!

This 11-page comprehensive plan includes:

  • Tool selection tips
  • How to choose the best woods for the job
  • Detailed schematics
  • Images and video footage to guide assembly
  • Cut lists
  • Link to 3D Sketchup file
  • Step-by-step instructions that guide you through the project from start to finish
Buy these plans to make impressive wooden crosses for your home, to sell, or to give away—They are fantastic handmade gifts!

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