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Reclaimed Baseball Bats

For the Love of Baseball

| Shane Dennehey
We've been collaborating with Nathan at The Baseball Seams Company for almost a year now. Nathan makes incredible art from reclaimed baseballs. His company also partners with artisans like us to reclaim wood from baseball bats and turn them into collectible art.

Today, he's launching the fourth reclamation project we've collaborated on—hearts and crosses from 20 vintage bats!

When we work with Nathan, we make use of every part of the bat, and he curates collections from the various parts. This time around, one of the products he's selling is 31 bat handle crosses. He posted this moving story about them:
"Wood bats are often taped by ballplayers to give them a better grip on the handle. The tape gives them more confidence to swing exactly how they were taught. For some bats, the tape also can prevent the wood bat grains from splintering or flaking to protect the longevity of the bat.
When I received our latest batch of pocket crosses this week from our master craftsmen in Texas, I was blown away at the beauty of these crosses that were cut with the bat tape still on the handles. I counted them all - there were 31, which was also my uniform number at Truman State many moons ago when I was a southpaw relief pitcher for the Bulldogs.
With our pocket heart & cross product launch being tomorrow, these got me reflecting on bigger questions:
- What am I gripping?
- What am I holding on to?
For so long, my identity was wrapped up in being a ballplayer. If I'm honest, I held onto that identity too tightly.
Because when your existing is based on the circumstances around you, what happens when that identity is stripped away? When the games are over; when the road trips are done; when the sounds and smells of the game are a distant memory?
I don't know if you have wrestled with this, but I have. And what helped me was a realization that my identity is much less about what I do…and so much more about whose I am.
It's funny. You spend your whole life gripping something with all your might…only to find out that you're the one being gripped. I think Jim Bouton had a similar quote about the game of baseball.
For me, what I've come to realize is that my identity is gripped by Jesus. And I'm so thankful for the opportunity and this baseball platform that I've been given to reflect his love in unique and meaningful ways."
If you want one of these 31 taped wood bat handle crosses or any of their baseball bat creations, you can get them today (Friday, April 29) at Noon CT.

We love working with The Baseball Seams, and we think you'll love their work too! Check it out here.


  • Posted by Ty Cobb on

    Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you offer. You’ve really covered up almost all the possible info that every baseball enthusiast should follow. Worth sharing! Please continue sharing your updates! Thanks a lot!

  • Posted by Kerri Krewson-Cornett on

    These are so beautiful! As a collector of hearts, I had to have them. I also am a follower of Jesus and see the sharing of your story in these hearts with others, I can share Jesus too! Thank you for always making a beautiful product. God Bless your journey and always hold tight to Jesus!

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