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Custom Engraving on Wood Hearts

Let's Customize Your Order

| Shane Dennehey

We're now offering laser engraving so you can make your order extra personal by adding a custom message or image!

How it Works
To customize your order, just fill in the custom details on the product page or send us a message and we'll work with you to create an engraving that you will be sure to love!

After we have your order details we will send you a custom cart so you can buy your engraving—You can customize your order before or after purchasing the items you want to customize.

Every custom order gets personal one-on-one service—we will design several options of the text or images you request and we'll let you select your favorite before engraving begins.

One Price To Engrave Any Product
Custom orders can get pretty complicated, but we're committed to making the process easy for you! So, whether you want to engrave a set of hearts, a charcuterie board, or a pallet star, the price will always the same.

Price Details*
• First Engraving: $30.00 (includes design and setup fees)
• Each Additional Engraving: $2.00 

*These costs are in addition to the product costs.

*Contact us or fill out the form to begin your custom order—we will send you a cart for payment as soon as we have your order information.

Also, if you have a unique request, let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate!

Engraving Gallery

Here's a few pictures of our favorite customized orders

Engraved Hearts Engraved Hearts Lion Engraved Hearts
Engraved Hearts Engraved Board Becky Engraved Hearts Rowan
Engraved Hearts I Love You Engraved Stars Engraved Board


Products We Customize

These products are perfectly suited for your personal touch—the possibilities are limitless! If you have a request that isn't listed here, just let us know!

Pre-Customized Products

If you want something with a special message, but need it soon, we also have these pre-engraved products in stock and ready to ship!

Large wooden engraved heart
Engraved Heart Keychains


We love making your items extra-special! 

Please let us know how we can create something personal and meaningful for you by customizing your order! To get started, either fill out the custom order form or just send us a message using the buttons below.

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