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2023 Gift Guide :: Stocking Stuffers

2023 Gift Guide :: Stocking Stuffers

| Bonnie Dennehey

Stocking Stuffers 🧦
If you’re searching for little treasures to surprise your loved ones with, look no further—We have your stocking stuffing covered! These items may be small, but they are jam-packed with love and originality.

These gifts are in stock and guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas when ordered on or before December 15!

1. Stickers and pins from our Heartwork Card Sets
Drawn from the art of our 365 Heartwork Cards, these two are awesome ways to put your heart on display! The pins are lovely when displayed on a bag, hat, or jacket, and the durable stickers can be stuck practically anywhere.

Heart Stickers
Heart Pins

2. Thin Wooden Hearts or Pocket Crosses
These thinner versions of our most popular products are slimmed down to fit into the smallest pockets. They are both sold in sets, so the more you buy, the more you save! These handmade thin tokens are a great way to share your heart this Christmas.

Thin Hearts
Thin Pocket Crosses

3. Tiny Houses
These adorable little wooden houses are one of our latest creations. Each Tiny House is handcrafted from reclaimed piano wood. They are a creative way to decorate your space by building your own little village!

Tiny Houses

4. Uniquely Crafted Hearts
We make a lot of hearts, and we’re always looking for new ways to use all of the parts and pieces of wood and metal that come through our little shop. These three beautiful hearts resulted from us stretching our resources and making something new from what most people would throw away. And they are some of our favorite and most unique hearts in our catalog. 

Sweater Hearts (made from reclaimed piano wood)
Harp Hearts (made from reclaimed piano wood + metal)
Pallet Hearts (made from reclaimed pallet wood)

5 Handmade Necklaces
Our final two stocking stuffers are necklaces. One with a unique cross and another with two nestled hearts. They’re both handmade, suitable for everyday wear, and lovely gifts!

Walnut Cross Necklaces
Lots of Love Necklaces



I hope this list inspires you to share your ❤ this Christmas!
If you still haven’t found the perfect gift, message or call me, and I’ll help you find the perfect gift!

If you have a special request, just let me know.

With Love,

P.S. Everything on the list is in stock and ready to ship! See the rest of our In Stock Items here.

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