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Handmade Wooden Cross

The First 20-inch Cross from John Hudgins

From John:  "It was a pleasure to use your design of the 20” cross. I did take some liberties with your plan due to limited availability of different species of woods. I chose to use pine and various stain colors to achieve the look of different wood colors. Since I made the cross I have located...
20-inch Cross and a Variation from William Russell

20-inch Cross and a Variation from William Russell

From William:  ”So far I have made almost a dozen of these, each a little different.  I have given them as gifts but have had inquiries to sell too.”   Awesome work William, I love to see the freedom you took to explore radical departures from the original plan. Bravo! —Shane #denneheydesign
DIY Wooden Cross Plans

DIY Wood Cross Plans

The cross represents the single greatest moment in the history of everything—the day of our redemption. The moment in time when Jesus covered our shame and took the world's sin upon Himself. The day He gave His life for us. I designed this cross to serve as a reminder of what He did. Creating t...
Vinyl Turntable Stand Handmade From Wood

Top Ten Albums of 2016

I'm a big fan of lists. I have a list for just about everything; I have a list that keeps me on track at the office. I have per-project lists, and long-term goal lists for my work in the shop. Bonnie gives me her priority lists, and they end up rearranging mine. I keep running lists of things I h...
Woodworking Blog

Hello Wood World

A little about me I spend every bit of spare time I can find woodworking in my shop. Professionally, I'm a creative director at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. Domestically, I'm husband to my lovely wife Bonnie, and daddy to three beautiful girls; Krista, Mikayla, and Leah. The path that led ...
9-inch Cross from RTW

9-inch Cross from RTW aluminum_n_sawdust Made this Cross as a present for my most important "customer" who puts up with sawdust, noise and hands covered with stain 365/24/7. Comprised of 23 pieces of red oak repurposed from our remodel, 4 different stains and a light touch f...