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Sweater Hearts

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Why Sweaters?
We made a batch of striped hearts with epoxy and reclaimed wood a while back. They turned out great, so we posted an image of them on Facebook, and one of our awesome customers said it looked like a sweater in the comments. Since then, we've received dozens of requests for "Sweater Hearts." The name stuck—and it fits these hearts so well!

We love the sweater name because these hearts make us feel all warm & fuzzy. They're colorful, busy, and a little gaudy—just like those sweaters we wore back in the 90s. Their colorful stripes and quilted wood grain patterns are reminiscent of a classic over-the-top sweater.

These hearts look super warm and cozy, like a chunky, funky sweater! We made them with colorful strips of reclaimed wood bonded together with clear epoxy resin and finished with natural mineral oil and beeswax. 

"I wanna knit you a sweater, wanna write you a love letter, I wanna make you feel better"
—Joni Mitchell

♻️ These multi-colored and multi-layered hearts are made from the smallest scraps of reclaimed wood—reunited in the shape of a heart 💚 They make great gifts for people who appreciate the beauty of reclaimed wood used creatively!

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  • Handmade in Texas 🇺🇸
  • Dimensions: 2 x 2 x ⅝ inches
  • Made with reclaimed woods
  • Protected with our natural citrus & oil finish
  • Ships Free in the USA 

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