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365 Box Bundle | 365 Imperfect Cards + Reclaimed Wooden Box

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365 Imperfect Cards Box Bundle
Now you can get a handmade reclaimed wood box sized perfectly to fit your 365 Imperfect Cards—and save 20%!

These Beautifully Imperfect Boxes are custom-made to hold any of our 365 Card Sets. We designed these reclaimed wood boxes to store or show off your Imperfect Cards with style! Made with gorgeous reclaimed wood and a lotta love, these boxes are a must-have! 

Made With Reclaimed Piano Wood ♻️ 🎹
These rugged boxes are made from the spruce wood soundboards of age-old upright grand pianos. We gather the antique wood, precision-cut it with finger joints, and hand assemble it into boxes. Then, we coat the boxes with our natural citrus and oil finish to protect them for many more years! We love using this ancient wood because it has lots of character built in from years of use as a piano.

About 365 Imperfect Cards
If you’re ready to embrace your imperfections and see your value in God’s eyes, this is the deck for you! This collection of quotes, verses, messages, and prompts is the perfect way to empower and inspire yourself and others! We love having the opportunity to spread this message of discovery and acceptance of where we are in our life journeys. 

Imperfection = Beauty
You’re beautiful today, and that beauty is a result of the path God led you through—the challenges He allowed you to encounter. We wrote our thoughts and collected advice and direction from antiquity to help you embrace who you are today without neglecting the person God wants you to be tomorrow! You got this! 

Every 365 Heartwork Box Bundle Includes A handmade reclaimed piano wood box,   365 cards printed on natural white archival card stock, and a desk stand made with "imperfect" reclaimed wood—this is wood that has visible dings, scratches, or blemishes from its past use—a lovely metaphor for our imperfections and how we’re being made new daily. As an added bonus, a heart charm made with one of our imperfect wooden hearts and natural jute twine is included with every set! Use this beautifully imperfect hanging heart to remind you of your heart journey on your rearview mirror, entryway hooks, or as a lanyard!

About the Card Set
These cards are not perfect. They were hand-typed with Shane’s 1956 Smith-Corona typewriter, and they don’t look like anything printed in the last twenty years—but that’s the point—they’re beautiful because they’re imperfect! They’re messy, misaligned, and a little faded. That’s what makes them unique and attractive—like many of us, these cards look like they’ve been messed with, trampled on, abused, or simply worn out by the passage of time.

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  • Handmade in Texas 🇺🇸
  • 365 3 x 3-inch cards
  • Printed on uncoated archival paper
  • Reclaimed wood desk display: 3 x 1 x ⅝ inch
  • Box made with solid reclaimed spruce wood ♻️
  • Box includes four felt feet to protect other surfaces
  • Box protected with our natural citrus & oil finish
  • Box dimensions: 4 x 4 x 5 ⅝ inches
  • The pictured boxes are previous work; no two are exactly alike
  • Includes free handmade wooden heart ornament
  • Ships Free in the USA

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