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Reclaimed Barn Wood Hearts and Frame

Rachel's Barn Wood Hearts

| Shane Dennehey

Last summer, Rachel Williams (now Adams) contacted us with a unique request. She was hoping to have meaningful gifts and decor made for her upcoming wedding in August.

Rachel's request wasn't so unusual except for the material she wanted us to use. Her dad and her fiancé Duane's dad both had reclaimed wood from family barns, and she wanted us to make something with that heirloom wood.

After learning about Rachel's style, her family, and her background, we came up with a few ideas for her to consider. She ended up loving the idea of giving hearts to her wedding guests! She also asked us to make crosses, frames, and three extra-special hearts to be used in the bouquet she would hold when she walked down the aisle.

Before beginning the project, Rachel sent us the reclaimed wood from the two families' barns. Once we received it, we divided it by family and labeled it to ensure we didn't mix it up or misplace it.

Then we made all of the things to fulfill her order, incorporating the family wood into every piece. Most items were made by combining the wood from the two families—symbolic of that special day when the two families would become one. 

Rachel had a special request for her bouquet. She wanted three small hearts, each composed of different woods; the first from her dad's barn, the second from Duane's dad's barn, and the third using a combination of both. The hearts were then drilled from top to bottom and attached to the bouquet with a single string.

Here's the bouquet:

Rachel's Bouquet

It was such an honor to be a part of Rachel and Duane's beautiful day. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to make such meaningful gifts and decor for them to share with their friends and family. We're so glad Rachel came up with such a creative idea and trusted us to pull it off! 

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