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Our Heart Story

Our Heart Story

| Shane & Bonnie Dennehey

Our ❤️ Story

It all started with Bonnie's text: "…what about little wooden hearts for Valentine's Day???"

It was mid-January a few years ago, and Valentine's was coming fast. Still, we decided to make a few out of reclaimed wood and post them on social media. The first 200 sold in a few hours 😳 We were a little surprised, but we got to work making more!

From that day until the last day we could ship in time for Valentine's, we did nothing but cut, sand, finish, sort, pack, and send these little hearts. ❤️ The hearts took over our entire house—they were stacked and scattered all over the garage, home office, dining room, living room—everywhere! 

We called friends and family for help with the demand, and by some small miracle, we managed to ship every single order on time! 😅 (the carrier had a few shipping delays that year, so unfortunately, a few orders didn't deliver on time [sometimes it snows in Texas ❄️ so order early, folks!])

After the Valentine's shipping deadline, we sighed with relief 😮‍💨 We did it! 🎉 We made it through the season of love, so now we can move on to other projects and go back to everyday life. 

But the orders kept coming in!  


At first, we were afraid that our customers were still expecting them for Valentine's Day. But they kept coming after Valentine's Day, too. 😳 😳 😳 They kept coming in through the entire month of February. And March. By April, we began to understand what was happening—These hearts aren't seasonal—people love them all year long!

Even though we already hired a few people to keep up, we hadn't done enough! We needed to move into a larger space, scale up, and optimize production. We moved operations from our garage to an actual wood shop in May, and we've been making these hearts there ever since! ❤️ 

So, why are these hearts so popular?
This is the question we asked ourselves in the beginning—🤔 what's happening!?

🎁 Our customers love giving them away as tokens of love—they're like real-life heart emojis! ❤️❤️❤️ You can share a set with your friends and family or add a little extra love to a larger gift by including a heart. 

🥰 They are an easy way to bring a bit more love into your decor—display them in a wooden bowl, a glass vase, or in an antique serving tray. The beautiful assortment of reclaimed wood will add lovely charm to any setting!

♻️ They're good for the environment! We've made our hearts from reclaimed wood from day one. We work hard to redeem every inch of wood that enters our shop by making these hearts! Trees are beautiful, and wood is a fantastic resource—it has no place in the trash. We want to do good for our planet by keeping wood out of landfills. 


  • Posted by lisa Lundahl on

    love your hearts so much!!!!
    i di vintage flannels and my logo is a small ultra suede heart ad will we’re they might need some added love from whoever wore it before!!!
    would love to some how add 1 heart to everyone of my orders that i send to stores all over the us!!!???
    do you guys do the LV gift & furniture show by chance?
    tks so much!
    b blessed

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