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Kristin's Treats

Kristin's Treats

| Shane Dennehey

Kristin Smith is a nurse who works on a busy surgical team that has been horribly impacted by Covid. Her unit has lost 20% of its staff and stands to lose more because of a vaccine mandate. Her team is under tremendous stress, and they face substantial staffing shortages every day.

She messaged us on Facebook to buy several little wooden hearts and crosses to help boost her struggling team's morale. We were moved by her story and thrilled to help her out, so we picked out a selection of Pocket Crosses and Hearts for her and delivered them as soon as we could.

A few days after they delivered, we got a message from Kristin saying she started passing out my hearts and crosses. She announced the gifts with this email message:


From: Kristin Smith
To: […] Surgical Unit
Re: A little treat, from my heart

Hey Team

I ordered some little wooden hearts and crosses to share because we all can use a little extra love and/or Jesus in our lives right now. I'm hoping when you look at them, you feel something good, positive, and supportive. We are all feeling the heartache of the world, and while I know these […] don't fix any of it, I'm hoping at least you know I care about you.
Please take one if you're interested.
Kristin's team responded with praise and thanks! They see her passionate dedication and her efforts to pull them together during these difficult times.

We're so grateful for Kristin, and we love being a part of moments like the one she created with her team! We're overjoyed when we see people use our little creations to encourage others! ✝️ ❤️

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