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Digest No. 2 :: Share The Love

Digest No. 2 :: Share The Love

| Bonnie Dennehey
Hello there,
Another busy season is coming to an end soon! Love is in the air all around the USA, and that means sawdust is in the air here at Dennehey Design! We’ve been oh so busy churning out hundreds of adorable hearts every day, rain or shine, through the heat and the cold 🔥❄️
Texas weather is temperamental as usual. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gone from worrying about freezing pipes to needing to turn on the A/C! Thankfully, we haven’t had another pre-Valentine ice storm or power outage to contend with this year.
Since our last Digest, we’ve brought many new things into the world, shipped hundreds of orders, and continued to serve you, our customers, with happy hearts and gratitude! This is an especially busy time of the year for us—and we love every minute of it—let’s dive in to discover what’s been going on at Dennehey Design.
Valentine's is Coming
Only Three More Days to Shop Valentine’s Our little heartmaking shop is running at full capacity, making treasures for you. We’re working hard so you can share your heart with someone you love this Valentine’s Day!
The standard shipping deadline for In-Stock Items is Monday, February 5. Orders placed after February 5 will need to be shipped with faster shipping options to deliver in time!


Here’s what’s #trending this Valentine’s. These are the five most popular gifts for Valentine’s 2024: #5 365 Love Notes Which just turned a year old a few days ago! #4 State Plate Heart Art These plate hearts are a new favorite 😍 #3 365 Heartwork Cards Our heartwork cards have been super-popular since the day we launched them—why wouldn’t they be popular gifts? #2 Wooden Candy Hearts For the third year, people are head over heels for Candy Hearts! #1 Heart-Shaped Mystery Boxes A lot of people are snapping up Mystery Boxes for their sweeties this year!


Button Art
We recently released several brand-new items! Over the past two weeks, we launched 9 new Postcard Sets, 2 new Heartwork Pins, 5 new 8 x 8 inch Block Art Prints, stand-alone 365 Card Holders, Enamel Keychains, and two new Limited Edition Collections: Valentine’s Inspired Words Hearts and Antique Button Heart Art!


Coming Soon Be on the lookout for updates to the Limited Collection Pageof our website coming on Monday, February 5 at 7:00 pm CST. We’re releasing these supercute hearts with colorful letter engravings. This limited release will only have a few hearts for every letter, so act fast if you want one! 

Get early access by downloading the app. App users get early access to all limited releases✨ and will be able to get these new hearts starting at 5:00 pm on Monday!

We’re grateful to have each and every one of you on this journey with us! If you have questions or need help with anything, just reply to this message or call us at (817) 269-7460. We’re here, and we love to help!

Much Love,
Bonnie & Shane

P.S. Need some inspiration? Check out our Valentine’s Gift Guideand find the gifts to sweep your sweethearts off their feet 🥰


  • Posted by Joyce Laux on

    Having a Valentine birthday probably was the beginning of my fascination with hearts…0ur Mom always made heart shaped cakes for my identical twin sister and I – and so it goes! I think I have some heart decor items in every room in my house. This year I found Dennehey designs, and really love their beautiful and creative products. This birthday was a little different (and sad), as my beloved twin died in July. Our first year (in 78…) to not celebrate together by phone, FaceTime or in person. I pulled together some of our pictures and several of my new Dd hearts to make a little remembrance place to keep Janet close. On the day before Valentine’s Day I took a handful of the little heart cards (365 love notes) to the grocery store with me….i passed them out to random shoppers (“Just a little extra love…”) and received many wonderful hugs and smiles in return. I chose mostly older women who might be widowed like me, 2 older gentlemen (who both teared up) and a couple of harried Moms wrangling little ones. It truly was fun and very heartwarming to ‘SHARE THE LOVE!’ Thank you Dennehey designs for your creativity and craftsmanship…from the bottom of MY heart. ❤️ Wishing you much success ! Joyce Laux

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