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Bonnie Sorting Little Wooden Hearts

About Dennehey Design Company

| Shane Dennehey

So far, 2021 has been an incredible year for us at DDC. It's been a year of growth, learning, and focus. Both our team and our facilities have seen tremendous growth. We've learned a lot about our limits and how we can achieve more. We've also made sacrifices to limit the products we offer so we can serve you better.

Over the past year, we've discovered who we truly are and what we stand for, so we rewrote our about page statement to include our beliefs and purpose. Here's what we wrote:

We Believe Woodwork is Artwork
Part artist's studio, part woodshop—Dennehey Design Company is 100% committed to creating beauty with handmade products—right here in Texas, USA. We do it because we love bringing new things into the world. We make meaningful decor that inspires people to share love, hope, and joy.

We Believe in the Beauty of Imperfection
Local reclaimed wood is the source of nearly everything we make. We love using reclaimed wood because it's eco-friendly. We want to do good for our planet, and we hate to see furniture go to waste! We also see beauty in imperfection—and antique reclaimed wood has an allure that only comes with age.

We Believe We're All Works In Progress
Reclaimed wood also tells a story—a metaphor for our own lives. We're crafting new things from worn-out and neglected furniture, using wood with scars, marks, patina, and character from years of use. Like the wood we reclaim, we're all marked by the events of our past. Yesterday's challenges are what made us who we are today—They gave us character. And every day, we're being made new—crafted into beautifully imperfect people.

We Love Our Customers!
We're continually impressed with our customers' creativity and generosity! So many people have used our products to spread joy, hope, and love. People are giving our little wooden hearts and crosses away at life celebrations, showers, weddings, family gatherings, and hospitals all around the nation. We heard so many inspiring stories that we started publishing them in our Share the Love blog series—check it out.

We Love to Serve
We're passionate about giving our customers the very best service possible. We put service first! If you need anything at all, our customer care team is here to help—just let us know! If you have a special request, a question about your order, or just want to say hi, give us a call at (817) 269-7460, or email us at


  • Posted by Shane Dennehey on

    Hey Jaclyn, We don’t currently, but we plan to expand our product line soon!

  • Posted by Jaclyn Davis on

    Can you make custom shapes out of wood? For example moon? Thank you


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