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2023 Gift Guide :: Shane's Picks

2023 Gift Guide :: Shane's Picks

| Shane Dennehey

I Hope you’re having a merry time as we enter the month of December! This year, Bonnie and I thought it would be fun to share each of our favorite giftable products with you! I'm posting my list today and Bonnie will be sharing hers soon! 

Here are my top five gifts for 2023: 

1. The Original Layered Cross

    The Original Layered Cross was the first thing I made of my own design. It’s the cross that started Dennehey Design! I made it shortly after the September 11 attacks—when the nation was reeling, and we needed something to remind us of the hope we have in Christ. 

    Since then, we’ve proudly made hundreds of Layered Crosses for churches and homes across the USA!

    The Layered Cross is still handmade in Texas with the original design of oak, walnut, and maple woods. We also make them with a single richly colored wood—Walnut

    They’re a great gift for anyone who loves crosses or appreciates the message the cross represents!

    2. 365 Imperfect Cards

    The messages printed on these cards come straight from my heart! I spent most of my life striving for perfection. I worked so hard for recognition and praise—anything to cover up my inadequacies. Even years after I became a Christian, I struggled with the shame of not measuring up—I still do.

    These cards don’t say, “You’re good enough—don’t bother trying to improve.” Their message is, “You were made for this messy struggle called life—press on and learn from the challenges—that’s what makes you stronger, and scars from the struggle are where beauty comes from.” 

    These cards are a collection of our thoughts and advice collected from antiquity to help you embrace who you are today without neglecting the person God wants you to be tomorrow! 

    Bonnie and I typed every single word with our vintage typewriter and laid out the cards manually! It was a challenging project to put together—which makes the final product all the more rewarding for us! 

    This set of 365 cards is a great gift for your loved ones who are full of potential. Everyone needs encouragement!

    3. Never Give Up Print

    This art print speaks to me (and Bonnie). Never Give Up is one of my favorite sayings—it’s a fantastic motto when applied to virtuous ideals, and there is no greater virtue than love!

    This punny print is a great gift for that special someone who you want to Rickroll and say “I love you” to this Christmas. 

    4. Wooden Heart Magnets

    Reclaimed wooden hearts have grown to become the heart and soul of our little business—and these hearts are some of the most useful hearts we make. Super-strong magnets are hidden inside the wood, so when they stick, it seems like magic!

    We also have a large metal heart specially designed to display magnet hearts—get the set; six magnet hearts and the heart board for a heartfelt wall-hanging message board or inspiration center!

    Magnet hearts are perfect stocking stuffers and practical gifts!

    5. Imperfect Heart Charms

    We originally made these little charms as a free gift with our 365 Imperfect Cards. After several requests, we decided to make them a product of their own—and ever since then, they’ve been a trending seller! 

    These charms feature a single imperfect heart strung with natural jute twine. Hang them somewhere prominent, like your rear-view mirror, so they can remind you of the beauty of imperfection.


    I hope this list inspires you to share your ❤ this Christmas!
    If you still haven’t found the perfect gift, message or call us, and we’ll help you find the right gift for your loved ones!

    We’re always willing to customize your order or select the perfect piece.
    If you have a special request, we can help; just let us know.

    P.S. Everything on the list is in stock and ready to ship! See the rest of our In Stock Items here.


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