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Made With Reclaimed Pianos

Made With Reclaimed Pianos

| Shane Dennehey

One of the ways we make wood last longer is by using reclaimed piano wood. Getting the wood out of an antique piano is no easy task—but the wood’s beauty and quality are worth it!

These are our products made with reclaimed antique piano wood ♻️

  1. Reclaimed Bookshelves
    These bookshelves feature the wood reclaimed from several pianos, including decals and number stamped details from the piano wood.

  2. Harp Hearts
    Made by plasma-cutting the piano harps into heart shapes and attaching them to the wooden headers of upright grand pianos.

  3. Piano Wire Hearts
    Bent and assembled by hand, these jewelry-quality copper piano wire hearts are a beautiful addition to your heart collection!

  4. Spindle Hearts
    These curvy hearts are made with reclaimed spindles and spires reclaimed from antique pianos then assembled and painted by hand.

  5. Imperfect Hearts
    A crowd favorite! These little hearts are reclaimed from the smallest piano scraps. They bear the marks of a long journey—and like us, they're not perfect.

  6. Lowboy Turntable Stands
    This mobile vinyl record storage unit is a beautiful and practical way to display your music collection.

  7. Tiny Houses
    Our smallest creation. Tiny houses are available in several styles and no two are alike! Build your unique tiny village today! 

  8. Wooden Letters, Numbers & Symbols
    These letters are the product that started our piano reclamation journey years ago, and they're still one of our best selling products!

  9. Piano Wood Crosses, Ebony Key Crosses & Piano Key Crosses
    These crosses are made of the recognizable parts of the piano—the keys, the black keys, and the more obscure inner wood.

  10. Piano Wood Stars
    Made from the solid maple and spruce woods found in the headers of upright grand pianos, these stars shine bright with all of that reclaimed glory!

  11. Soundboard Boxes
    These boxes are designed to fit our popular 365 cards snugly inside. They're made from the spruce soundboards of salvaged pianos. See the discounted bundles here.

  12. Three-Tier Turntable Stands
    The first thing I made with a reclaimed piano was a Turntable Stand like this one. I made it for myself, but eventually, we sold it. These vinyl shelves and turntable displays are one of our most exquisite creations. Nothing compares to this level of individuality and charm of reclaimed wood.


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