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The cross represents the single greatest moment in the history of everything—the day of our redemption.
The moment in time when Jesus covered our shame and took the worlds sin upon Himself.
The day He gave His life for you.

I designed this cross as a reminder of what He did for me.

This cross is twenty inches tall and can be custom-made with whatever domestic woods you prefer.

Featuring three woods; Red Oak, Walnut, and Rock Maple, this handmade, layered cross makes a great centerpiece in your home, church, or worship space.

A clear satin finish has been applied to the cross, but no stains have been used. 
The beauty of the natural woods lends contrast to the cross design.
This cross measures 12 inches wide by 20 inches tall. There is a 1/16 inch hole in the back for easy hanging.

Wall hanging wood cross
12in wide x 20in tall
Made of solid woods

Designed & built in Keller, Texas.

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