Little Heart Collection IV

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Little Hearts Are Back Again! We assembled another adorable set of little hearts for you! This set has hearts of all shapes and sizes, with rough textures, resins, and unique shapes! All the results of the wood's past use as part of pianos or other furniture. 

What Are Little Wooden Hearts?
Sometimes our hearts end up smaller than normal. It happens when we get carried away with the sander or when there's an imperfection that needs to be removed. Times like these often leave us with adorable baby hearts. 

Our Fourth Little Heart Collection is 40 sets of smaller-than-normal or imperfect hearts. Each set includes six uniquely adorable hearts that we lovingly handcrafted with reclaimed and remnant woods.

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  • Handmade in Texas 
  • Dimensions vary by set; from ½ to 2 inches wide, varied thicknesses
  • Made with reclaimed and remnant woods
  • Protected with mineral oil and beeswax finish
  • Ships Free in the USA

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