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Heart Keychains From The Holy Land

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Keep His Heart Close
God is love, and every heartbeat is from Him. Remember His everlasting love every single day by keeping His heart close. These olive wood Heart Keychains From The Holy Land are tangible reminders of God’s love.

These hallowed-heart keychains are handcrafted in the very place where our creator walked among us. Connect with the land of our creator in a new way with these olive wood keychains.

Share His Love with others by giving these meaningful hearts. They are beautifully meaningful gifts for those who God lays on your heart.

Each hallowed heart is created by hand-carving authentic Holy Land olive wood in one of several small workshops in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Every keychain comes with a certificate of authenticity confirming its Holy Land origin—what meaningful little pieces of art these hearts are❣️

✝️ Made In The Holy Land
Created in the very place where our creator walked among us—these hearts are so rich in meaning! Tether your keys to the heart of God with a heart keychain from his homeland!

♻️ No Trees Harmed
These keychains are made with olive wood from fallen branches, leaving the centuries-old Olive trees alive, unharmed, and able to produce more branches another day!

These heart keychains are beautiful & meaningful gifts!
Order yours today while supplies last!

Holy Land Heart Keychains

  • Handmade in The Holy Land ✝️
  • Heart dimensions: 2 x 2 x ¾ inches
  • Keyring dimensions: 1 ¼ x 3 inches
  • Made with authentic Holy Land olive wood
  • Protected with a natural oil finish
  • Each heart keychain comes with a certificate of authenticity

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