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Heartwork Collection #5 ✨ Spindle Hearts

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These Vibrant Hearts were made using beautifully carved spindles we reclaimed from the legs of antique pianos. We made them as little pieces of art for our 365 Heartworks Cards! Several of these ornate and colorful hearts are featured in the pages of the heartwork deck, and now they’re ready to find a new wall to brighten!

Spindle Hearts are handmade by assembling and cutting the spindles of antique pianos. We then shaped, sanded, and brightly painted them with dramatic hues. These unique hearts are the perfect way to put your love of handmade art on display!

Limited Supply. We only made 14 of these gorgeous hearts; each item listed is unique!

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• Handmade in Texas 🇺🇸
• Each is one-of-a-kind
• Dimensions: 8 x 8 x ~2 inches
• Made with antique reclaimed piano wood

This Spindle Heart Collection is in stock and ready to ship! 
We only made 14 of these beautiful hearts. When they’re gone, we will be out of stock. Get yours while supplies last!

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