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I've bundled all of my fun-to-make beautiful wooden cross project plans together and discounted them heavily. For a limited time, you can get all seventeen plans for 60% off! 

These plans are suitable for beginner woodworkers, and you'll only need a few tools to make them.

These easy-to-follow plans will teach you how to make all 17 of these unique crosses from start to finish.

Crosses are rewarding to build—you only need a few simple tools and entry-level woodworking skills to make them. The plans provide clear direction so you can make them safely, with little hassle, and fantastic results!

These project plans are loaded with detailed information, step-by-step illustrations, photos, several examples, and video content to build:

1) The Unity Cross
2) The Resurrection Cross
3) Three Styles of Quilted Crosses
4) Nine Sizes of The Simple Cross
5) Three Pallet Crosses
6) Piano Key Crosses
7) Two Styles of Pocket Crosses
8) The 9-inch-Tall Layered Cross
9) The 15-inch-Tall Layered Cross
10) The 20-inch-Tall Layered Cross
11) The 2-foot-Tall Layered Cross
12) The 3-foot-Tall Layered Cross
13) The 4-foot-Tall Layered Cross
14) The 5-foot-Tall Layered Cross
15) The 6-foot-Tall Layered Cross
16) The 7-foot-Tall Layered Cross
17) The 8-foot-Tall Layered Cross

These comprehensive plans include:

  • Tool selection tips
  • Wood selection guides
  • Reference charts
  • Detailed schematics
  • Cut lists
  • Video content
  • Step-by-step instructions that guide you through every one of the projects from start to finish

Buy this bundle today and make these impressive wooden crosses for your home, to sell, or to give away—They make fantastic handmade gifts!

  • After your order, a zip file with 17 PDF files will be available for download
  • You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files

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