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Hearts for Our Anniversary

Yesterday Bonnie and I celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary!
Our marriage has been an adventure with many twists and turns—most recently we've been working hard to build this business, but we've also worked hard to nurture each other and raise three amazing daughters over the past quarter-century.
We couldn't have done any of it without the love and support of our friends, family, and you! Thank you for supporting our small business and family over the years!
We decided to mark this special day by coming out of hiding behind the scenes, introducing ourselves, and showing off our most popular product, "the universal symbol of love," our little wooden hearts in this little video.
Check it out.


  • Posted by Elisabeth Spiegler on

    I love hearts, my favorite shape, I’ve got quite the collection from ya’ll and have given them on several occasions. It’s like my trademark to give hearts, so these are perfect. Everyone has loved them that has gotten them. I absolutely love my sets!! ❤️

  • Posted by Richard Redman on

    Happy Anniversary!!!!❤️

  • Posted by Richard Redman on

    Happy Anniversary!!!!❤️

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