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DIY Pallet Star Plans

Posted by Shane Dennehey on

Wooden Pallet Star Plans DIY Pallet Wood Projects

Last weekend I released another set of DIY plans for wooden stars. I'm super excited about these plans because they make building a complex star-shape a breeze and the jig building technique detailed inside is a huge time-saver when you're building multiple stars.

Experience Level: Beginner
Time Investment: 2 hours to build jig, 20 minutes each after 

Here's a list of the tools needed to take the project on:

Power Tools

Table saw
Drill motor
1/8-inch Drill bit
#6 Self-centering bit
Phillips screw tip

Hand Tools


Miter gauge
Hold-down clamps for jig
Face shield
Safety glasses

Pallet wood

1/2 Plywood for the jigs
1/4 inch thick wood for jig
Spray adhesive or rubber cement
Finish nails
1/2-inch long brads
Wood glue
8 #6 Screws, 3/4-inch long
Bucket of water
Rag or washcloth
Wood Wax
Mineral oil
Printed template pages (17–22)

Optional Tools

Orbital sander
Reciprocating saw
Reciprocating saw metal blades
Digital Protractor
1/2-inch round nose router bit

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